Greenting from Founder



My career began with human resources and strategy consulting at an international management consulting firm.
With a wealth of experience and deep insights, I led pricing and business strategy initiatives at a globally recognized restaurant company, where I also served as the head of delivery business development.
It was there that I fully grasped the beauty of spreading joy through food, an experience that shapes the core values of Kinish


Kinish’s vision is to find solutions to the problems of global warming and food scarcity, with taste as our primary focus.
To materialize this vision, I founded Kinish in 2023.
With this passion and experience at heart, my goal is to lead Kinish to the forefront of the sustainable alternative food market.
If you share Kinish’s vision and would like to help shape the future of food with us, why not join us on this journey to save the planet and make the world more delicious?
If you’d like to join our team or have an interest in our business, please feel free to contact us.
We look forward to hearing from you with open hearts.