■About our privacy policy
    We handle your personal information on our website with the utmost care and take all possible measures to protect and manage your personal information appropriately.
    ■Collection of Personal Information in our Website
    We do not collect personal information from users of our website without their permission.
    In the following cases only, we will manage the information with strict care and in an appropriate manner.
    (1) When you submit questions or comments to us by e-mail or form.
    (2) When we receive inquiries or reservations by e-mail or telephone.
    ■Proper Management of Personal Information
    We keep all personal information in a digital data management system, and the collected personal information is strictly secured in our database system, so you can use our website with peace of mind.
    ■About Cookie
    This website uses cookies to make your use of the site more convenient. This is a function that simplifies the filling out of forms for the second and subsequent times by saving your interaction with the site as a cookie on your PC.
    Depending on your browser, you will be able to indicate in advance that this is a cookie-using site, or you can refuse to accept cookies.
    ■Our Policy on the Handling of Personal Information on this Website
    Our policy regarding the handling of personal information on this website may be revised in the future in order to strengthen our customers’ personal information management system, improve security, and develop better services.
    In such cases, a notice will be posted on the top page of this website.
    If you have any questions about the handling of personal information, please use the inquiry form.

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