Real Deal Milk from Rice through Plant Molecular Farming

As global temperatures rise,
plant-based foods are gaining attention
as eco-friendly alternatives to move closer to a more sustainable world.
However, due to their distinct taste from animal-based foods,
many people hesitate to purchase plant-based products,
and even if they do, they may discontinue buying them afterwards.

Addressing this challenge, we have focused on the ubiquitous presence of milk in many people’s daily lives.
Leveraging the technology of plant molecular farming,
Kinish has developed special rice that produces milk proteins.
This technology not only excels in taste but also brings new possibilities to food production focused on sustainability.

We continue to innovate towards
a sustainable future, starting with deliciousness and extending to building
a gentler footprint on Earth.


Develope unique rice

Mass-produce in vertical farm

Develop alternatie dairy product

Deploy globally


Environmental consciousness often means compromising on taste.

The worsening global warming is affecting the food industry, prompting a search for alternatives to cattle in order to move closer to a sustainable world. Among these, plant-based milk is gaining attention as a substitute for milk, which is deeply integrated into daily life. However, the
taste of plant-based milk is often considered inferior to that of dairy milk, posing a challenge that must be overcome for plant-based milk to be used regularly.

Greenhouse Gas Emission
Plant-based milk typically has a lower
greenhouse gas emission than regular milk.
Source: FAO
Percentage of people who answered that they
find it delicious.”
Regular Milk 70% Plant-based milk 36%
Source: Research by McKinsey


Our Uniquness

Plant Molecular Farming x Vertical Farming

Utilizing plant molecular farming on dwarf rice plants, standing at just 20cm (8 inches) tall, we generate milk proteins directly from rice. These rice plants are cultivated in large quantities in plant factories, enabling us to deliver creamy
and delicious dairy alternatives to many, without relying on cows or other animal sources.

Develop rice using genetic engineering techniques to produce milk proteins.
Utilizing dwarf rice plants standing at 20cm (8 inches) tall, we conduct mass production in plant factories.
Create delicious and
creamy alternative
dairy products.
The characteristics of rice

By utilizing both 20cm dwarf rice and Kinish’s proprietary technology,
it becomes possible to mass-produce this special rice variety.

Harness vertical farm
The productivity of rice is significantly enhanced
Product Development

Our products replicate the taste that is on par with conventional dairy products.

Ice cream

We are developing creamy and flavorful ice cream by combining milk proteins with sweetness derived from rice starch.

Ice cream

By using Kinish’s milk proteins, it’s possible to create a melty alternative cheese. Depending on the recipe, various types of flavors can also be produced.



Professionals pioneering food that reshapes the world.

At Kinish, we gather experts in food-related strategy, operations,
technology, and
product development.

Hiroya Hashizume (Zume)

Founder & CEO

Founded Kinish after working in strategic consulting at a global management consulting firm and serving as the business development director at a global food company

Atsushi Shibuya


He led the development of the food business at a general trading company and later worked on launching social issue-focused businesses at a consulting firm. His expertise lies in implementing businesses that combine food with addressing societal challenges.

Shimpei Ichikawa

Head of Vertical Farm

He has extensive experience leading vertical farm operations in major Japanese and international companies, bringing seasoned expertise in plant factory management.

Prof. Takehiro Masumura

Advisor for Plant Molecular Farming

Professor of Kyoro Prefectural University in Japan. His research expertise lies in analyzing the molecular mechanisms of rice seed formation.

Prof. Toyoki Kozai

Advisor for Vertical Farming

Honorary Chairman of the Japan Plant Factory Association. A globally renowned researcher in the field of plant factories, pioneering plant factory technology.

Company Overview

Company Name
Kinish Inc.
Office Loaction
Tokyo, Japan
President and CEO
Hiroya Hashizume (Zume)
January 30th, 2023