Making Oishii, Saving the World
We revolutionize the food industry by crafting irresistible, eco-friendly dairy alternatives. Our products not only taste great, but also contribute to solving the world's pressing environmental and protein crises.

Our Approach

We aim to mitigate global warming and address the protein crisis by creating delectable alternatives to dairy products.

Using plant molecular farming, we are capable of producing proteins directly from rice plants. These crops can be cultivated, harvested, and processed using existing infrastructure, allowing us to scale up production while minimizing our environmental impact.

This groundbreaking method not only allows us to produce dairy substitutes sustainably and cost-effectively, but it also guarantees the enjoyment of flavor that people have come to expect.

Furthermore, we strive to provide exquisite moments unique to our products without compromising the health of our planet, aiming to create a world where we can continue to deliver deliciousness to future generations

Our Mission

1. Achieving Sustainable Protein Supply
Addressing the rapidly increasing demand for protein with the growth of population in a sustainable and scalable way.

2. Contributing to Mitigating Global Warming
Reducing the impact of dairy production on global warming and promoting environmentally-friendly food production systems.

3. Pursuing Deliciousness (Oishii)
To gain widespread acceptance, alternative food products need to provide a taste equivalent or superior to existing dairy products. We combine cutting-edge science with traditional Japanese tastes to achieve this goal.

4. Ensuring Food Safety and Convenience
Through our novel system of producing dairy products from seeds, we guarantee the safety and sustainability of our food, while ensuring a stable supply.


Founder & CEO
Hiroya Hashizume

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